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Our skills


We can provide all types of services based on our know-how and experience.

With the help of our manufacturing partners, we integrate and install security solutions from the outside perimeter (fences, gates, hardscapes, outdoor detection, perimeter detection, CCTV with image analysis, under-vehicle analysis systems, etc.), right down to the heart of your sensitive premises (alarms, access control, shielding, panic rooms, classified informations rooms, etc.).

We also provide consulting, technical auditing, project management and training services for both novices and experts in this field, for tailor-made improvements.

With 25 years’ experience in risk management, we can also provide solutions for industrial or economic espionage, or simple indiscretions. We can analyze your installations, or even test them according to a pre-established protocol. We can support and train you in the implementation of one-off countermeasures (OSI, OSE, etc.) or permanent countermeasures (Faradisation, SAS, Secure Rooms, Strong Boxes, Safes, etc.).

Whether it’s a small risk or a large one, Fortress Concept will always have the solution to suit your needs.


A technical response tailored to the risks assessed.

Since 2008, we have been providing technical safety audits and consultancy services, focusing on the analysis and verification of existing and future resources. We master all safety-related technologies and have proven experience in risk management. Our ability and experience in the field to adapt technical solutions to different scenarios is already recognized by several engineering firms. We provide :

Pre-project technical audits (verification of the technical translation of requirements).
Post-project technical audits. The aim is to detect any shortcomings and propose optimization solutions.
Efficiency checks and installation simulations.
Vulnerability tests.

Project Management Assistance

If you lack expertise in a particular field, Fortress Concept can support you in :

– technical feasibility studies.
– drawing up specifications: defining functional and technical requirements (functional studies).
– managing the coordination of project activities and players.
– checking deliverables against specifications.
– define and implement the communication and training plan.
– prepare, implement, accompany and provide functional and technical support for user sites.


Bring you a different vision of this profession.

Far from traditional training courses, we propose to share our experience with you through theoretical and practical modules that will improve your perception of the means and measures to be implemented in the face of assessed risks.

Topics covered :

  • Electronic surveillance.
  • CCTV
  • Mechanical protection.
  • Locksmithing.
  • Access control.
  • Risk assessment and needs analysis.
  • Prevention and countermeasures (industrial espionage).
  • Technical translations according to risks.

These training courses are aimed at all those involved in our security businesses, or at novices in charge of their organization’s security, who want to have a good understanding of the risks involved so that they can make better use of the various technologies and integrate them seamlessly.


“Access to national defense secrets is a constant preoccupation of foreign services, various groups or isolated individuals, which constantly targets all areas of activity of interest to national defense: political, military, diplomatic, scientific, economic, etc. The action of these organizations is often facilitated by ignorance, inattention or negligence on the part of certain holders of information, who do not take sufficient precautions to ensure their protection. The action of these organizations is often facilitated by the ignorance, inattention or negligence of certain holders of information, who do not take sufficient precautions to ensure its protection.” IGI 1300 – National Defense

The democratization and evolution of technologies dedicated to espionage have extended these risks to all economic players in highly competitive markets. That’s why we can help you analyze the risks and implement appropriate solutions:

  • Training (vulnerabilities, risks, resources).
  • Audit / Consulting.
  • Classified informations rooms (turnkey).
  • Faradization of offices.
  • Electronic or computer security operations (OSE-OSI).

For 25 years, Fortress Concept has been fortunate to count among its partners the best specialists in each of these fields. We take charge of the project as a whole, and appoint experts on an ad hoc basis to provide specific services.”