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Protection – Safety

By security protection, we mean all solutions offering a level of protection adapted to the following risks: Burglary – Assault – Armed robbery – Attack – Infiltration.

Slowing protection is analyzed in terms of time. No protection is infallible. They represent resistance time. This time budget must be factored into the site security equation. Note, however, that resistance time is only valid if it is applied after detection. We prefer multi-layer internal partitioning (SAS, armored door, security cabinet, safe, etc.).

With the help of our manufacturing partners, from the fence to the heart of your premises, we support you in the design, implementation and maintenance of effective protection systems. A good protection system, combined with an effective detection system, will enable response resources (security guard intervention, law enforcement, fire department, dedicated technical services, etc.) to have an effective response time before your neuralgia is reached.

Armored Doors

We offer a whole range of doors adapted to your risks and infrastructures.

Doors can be used to partition your premises, slowing down intrusion between the perimeter and the heart of your infrastructure. An armored door installed inside a building after the alarm has been triggered will be even more effective.

We also offer automated, vandal-resistant building access doors.

We also provide comprehensive integration and maintenance services for access control systems (doors, locks, badge readers, biometrics, etc.).

Standards EN 1627, EN 1630: These standards aim to determine the ability of a complete element (secure enclosure, bunker, partition, door block, window, etc.) to resist forced entry using physical force and/or predetermined tools.

Protection levels: CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4, CR5, CR6.

Secure Entrance System

With our extensive experience in the security of high-risk sites, we can offer you an airlock systems adapted to your premises, with a level of resistance commensurate with your risks. Whether it’s a simple automation between two existing doors, or bank-type modules, we can handle the design, installation and maintenance.

  • Day-care centers
  • Ticket offices
  • PC (safety, security, remote surveillance)
  • Classified Information rooms
  • Armory


With the help of our partners and specialist manufacturers, we offer a wide range of solutions to perimeter and protect your sensitive sites against organized attacks or infiltration:

  • Reinforced fencing with or without integrated detection.
  • Fencing
  • Concertinas / barbed wire.
  • Reinforced gates, barriers or external doors.
  • Herses and anti-ram systems.
  • SAS vehicles.
  • Under-vehicle scanners.

Ballistic protection

We have a full range of products for creating or modifying premises to provide measured resistance to any type of attack.

These protections can be set up for permanent protection solutions in living areas (counters, high-risk reception areas, shooting ranges, etc.), or for one-off solutions such as “panic rooms” to keep people safe during armed attacks.

Ballistic protection: EN 1522 standard. Determines the resistance to bullets of various calibers of different products such as door units, partitions, windows, etc.

Protection levels: FB1, FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7, FSG.

Safes and Security cabinets


Safes must comply with European standard EN 1143-1, and only products meeting this standard can be called safes. The EN 1143-1 standard defines 7 distinct security classes and assigns an insurable value to each of them. This classification system is particularly important for insurance companies, who can adjust the cover offered according to the class assigned to the safe concerned.

It is also important to distinguish between approved safes that “meet the standard” and those that are “certified safes”.


The EN 14450 standard applies to safes and cabinets, which are inferior to Class O safes in terms of burglary resistance.


Fireproof safes can meet different standards, depending on the contents to be protected and the desired duration of fire protection. A fire can reach a temperature of 556° in 5 minutes.

Digital media (CDs, diskettes, etc.) are destroyed above 50°. Paper ignites spontaneously above 177°.

The most stringent standard for fire protection is EN 1147-1.

We can help you design, select and install products manufactured by our various manufacturing partners.”